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March 18, 2012

Sketch journal day two… woohoo

Real life this time.  A little pot plant on my window sill.  It looks something, vaguely, a little bit like this…

 The blue dotted lines are because it was raining.

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March 17, 2012

Sketch Therapy

I had an annoying morning this morning.  Nothing major happened, just a couple of things that didn’t go my way and rather than dealing with them and moving on, I let them annoy me and then I was annoyed with myself for being annoyed and everything was just annoying and frustrating!

Do you know what I mean?…

Everything seemed to be against me the traffic, two cash points that weren’t working, the weather etc.  In reality it was probably very similar to many other days, it was just my attitude that wasn’t right.

At lunch time I was at the shops round the corner, not finding what I was looking for, when I came across this book…

Normally I probably would have thought its over-priced and frivolous (which it probably is) but today I thought why not?  So I got it for myself.  I would like to improve my drawing skills but it hasn’t really been high on my ‘to do/to make list’ …but why not start now?

After doing a few other bits and pieces I got home, made a cup of coffee, got my pens out and, with Dermot O’Leary on the radio (I love that show) and the rugby on mute (well done Wales) in the background I drew.

My Doodles

The book starts with tips for drawing which are probably really helpful but I skipped that and went straight in to drawing.  Also you are meant to draw real plants and flowers, I cheated and pretty much copied the image of a greetings card, I wasn’t really bothered, it’s better than nothing right?!

It was actually very therapeutic; just getting absorbed into doodling, picking colours, colouring in, looking up at the rugby when I could near my next door neighbours shouting at their TV!

The book advocates drawing everyday and provides a tip every other day.  To be honest I can’t see me doing it every day but I will try and do bits and pieces here and there and try not to be too perfectionist about it.

March 17, 2012

Home Sewn Make

I got a subscription to Making Magazine free with my Tesco clubcard vouchers (yay) which has recently come to an end (boo).  Whilst I love getting home once a month to find a magazine full of craftly things waiting for me on my door mat, I must admit that I haven’t made many of the projects from them.  But in the last issue I got there was a free insert with 6 sewing projects from various recent publication.

I liked the look of this bag and had a friends birthday coming up so I had a go at making one for her.

The pattern is from Everything Patchwork, by Corinne Crasbercu.  The instructions were simple and easy to follow although there were some confusing measurements on the diagram, which I chose to ignore.

I’m pleased with the result.  It’s not quite as striking as the one in the picture but I think that suited the recipient.  I was going to make a flower corsage to go with it but I ran out of time which is a shame but hey-ho, we can’t do it all.  I like the spotty inside…

Next up I’m hoping to have a go at an embroidery project.  Hopefully not too long before I have results to share!

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