More mixed media

Since my last post I have explored a bit more mixed media and I’m starting to enjoy it. I have been inspired and educated quite a lot by Christy Tomlinson’s blog and her helpful videos but I hope to develop my own style over time.

These are a couple of pages I have done of just putting bits and pieces together and working on a style (sort of vintagey but not too floral)



And this is a canvas I did for a friend and her new house (verse from Proverbs 24).


You will gather that butterflies play quite a strong part, I just love them as a motif. My plan was to print out the verse so it would have been much smaller, but I couldn’t get my printer to work so I ended up stamping it which look ages as was much bigger! Therefore the house ended up being small, but it’s quite cute.



I’m definitely up for doing a bit more. You need quite a good stock of materials, paints, stamps etc so it will probably be an ongoing thing as I build up my supplies.

In the meantime I really should be focusing on textiles. I’ve started a textiles course, for which I have separate blog which can be found here. All things related to the course will go on there and general crafty things will go on here. I’m sure there will be a bit of overlap!

Until next time…

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