Mexican Fiesta Style

Soooo long since my last post. This one is actually along a similar theme to the last one…decorating a large space for events for kids. This time it was for the kids club that I help run on a Friday night. Each year we have a talent show night where the kids (aged 9 to 11) invite their parents and siblings along to a meal while they watch their talent acts. This year we decided to go for a Mexican theme, I think largely because we fancied some Mexican food, and it was my task to give our rather big and boring hall a fiesta vibe.

I decided rather than going with traditional Mexican flag colours to go with a very bright palette of blue, green, orange, pink and yellow. This gave me a lot of scope to introduce a lot of colour and really brighten the place up.

Starting with the tables I went with bright table cloths in each of the five colours, plates in the same colours, napkins, some fiesta confetti, tea lights and napkin flower centre pieces.


Some of the children made the napkin flowers the week before as a craft activity. I used this tutorial and they turned out really well. I used pipe cleaners for the stems. The kids really enjoyed making them and took them home at the end of the night. I added printable banners on wooden skewers to the centre pieces.


We decorated the front of the stage with crepe paper streamers in coordinating colours and a banner that the kids cut out and made from these printables. I added some tissue paper decorations.


The other decorations consisted of some posters printed at A3 also from these sites, blow up cacti and tissue paper pom-poms. The pom-poms were great for brightening the place up as they are big enough to make an impact. I used the same five colours and I think we had 20 pom-poms in total.


It was a great evening. The kids loved the bright look and it gave the whole evening a fun vibe. The food was great too! .

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