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June 26, 2012

Craft Stall #2

I had a second go at selling my wares last weekend.  It was another school fair and I wasn’t actually able to go but my two friends who I was sharing a table with very kindly agreed to take along my things.  All together our stuff looked pretty good from the photo.

I learnt from the last craft stall (read about it here) and made sure that I had some little things that appealed to the kids who didn’t have much money to spend.  And those were the things that went, hardly any of the bigger things sold.

I branched out into a bit of jewellery making and made some flower necklaces and hair slides that were very popular.

I also made some simple button hair clips, flower hair bands (no photos but based on this tutorial), and some more button hearts.

Details on some other makes to follow.

Oh and look…

… flowers from my garden!!

June 4, 2012

A Spot of Gardening

I am definitely more of an indoor than outdoor person and therefore never really that into gardening.  But now I have my own little garden and if I don’t look after it it’s just going to go wild.  So I do my best at cutting things back, keeping them watered and generally trying to stop them dying!

But my grass went a bit bonkers this year; it was growing in big tufts with large bare patches around them.  So a few weeks ago I spent a day pulling it up, raking the ground and then spreading new grass seed.  And now a few weeks later look…

New grass!!

I must admit I’m quite excited and have been tenderly watering it through the hot period we recently had.

I’ve also managed to keep a few things alive that are now flowering.

Clematis which looks dead at the roots but is still flowering

I can’t remember what this is called but I planted it last year

This was in the garden when I moved in and does a good job of coming back each year

And this rose looks like it’s about to have flowers

I’ve even had a go at planting some seeds this year.  I though it would be nice to have flowers for the house and for giving to others so I planted a few flowers for cutting.  One lot seem to be doing very well but the others are a bit slow.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some lovely flowers x.  I must admit that gardening is ‘growing’ on me.

I also got given flowers in exchange for a crochet lesson.

More making coming soon.

March 18, 2012

Sketch journal day two… woohoo

Real life this time.  A little pot plant on my window sill.  It looks something, vaguely, a little bit like this…

 The blue dotted lines are because it was raining.

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