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June 26, 2012

Craft Stall #2

I had a second go at selling my wares last weekend.  It was another school fair and I wasn’t actually able to go but my two friends who I was sharing a table with very kindly agreed to take along my things.  All together our stuff looked pretty good from the photo.

I learnt from the last craft stall (read about it here) and made sure that I had some little things that appealed to the kids who didn’t have much money to spend.  And those were the things that went, hardly any of the bigger things sold.

I branched out into a bit of jewellery making and made some flower necklaces and hair slides that were very popular.

I also made some simple button hair clips, flower hair bands (no photos but based on this tutorial), and some more button hearts.

Details on some other makes to follow.

Oh and look…

… flowers from my garden!!

December 17, 2011

Craft Stall

It’s been far too long since my last post, I forgot how busy things get in the lead up to Christmas (well that’s my excuse anyway!).   The big news in my crafting world recently is that, together with a couple of others from sewing group, I had my first experience of selling some of my makes  at a Christmas fair.  We each made what we could in the time available and, when we pooled our goods we had a table full which looked pretty good.

Craft Stall


My stuff is mostly on the right side of the picture.  I made sock monkeys, Christmas scented hearts, lavender scented hearts, baby blankets, tote bags, button hearts and some brooches.  This was complemented by Ayla’s bunting, needle cases and tea cup candles, and Susie’s vintage plate stands, fridge magnet pegs, notice boards and more candles, all of which were lovely.  The display was quite simple with a white tablecloth and some bunting and use of a cake stand to give it some height.  It all had a nice vintage feel too it and it all looked very pretty which attracted people over to have a look.

Originally we were going to have a table at a craft fair but unfortunately that fell through so we managed to book a space at a school Christmas fair instead.  As we expected this meant that our products weren’t really targeted at the right audience.  The kids were there to spend their 50p and the parents weren’t really planning to spend much so the larger, more expensive things didn’t go.

Christmas hearts and sock monkeys


Our aim was to each sell at least one thing and cover the £10 for the table and we did that in the first 20 mins or so which was a relief!  After the two hours we had each sold a few things, mainly the smaller things but also a cake stand so we were happy.  Overall it was a really useful experience.  Although people weren’t looking to spend much the feedback we had on our products was all really positive.  We also met some lovely ladies on the stalls next door who had much more experience than us and we were able to exchange ideas and tips on making and selling.  We are definitely up for doing it again, perhaps at  craft fair next time.

I’m afraid making has been rather slow since the stall, not much of a home made Christmas this year.  But I am always very excited to put up my tree which has some home made bits on it.

I'm loving red and white at Christmas at the moment



November 9, 2011

Work in Progress

I like to have a project that is easy to pick up for five minutes here and there.  Currently I am making some button hearts.

I use aluminium florists wire which is sturdy but pliable to form a heart shape with a loop for hanging.  I then take thinner jewellery wire to attach the buttons starting at the top and winding around as I go.  I love them and will hopefully turn out a few over the next few weeks either to sell or as gifts.

Here’s a finished one

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