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September 1, 2011

Another festival and another pier!

It was a windy day on Southsea seafront last Saturday which was a good thing because there was a kite festival on.  There was an array of kites fluttering frantically in the wind and it was a great site.

I particularly liked these bright coloured fish…

And this flamingo…

There was also a formation kite flying display; sixteen kites flown is¬†synchronised¬†formation. ¬†It was incredible that they didn’t end up in one big tangled mess.

Later in the day there was going to be a display with 45 kites but the sky was looking threatening and the wind was relentless so we didn’t hang around. ¬†We did walk along to the pier though. ¬† It looks quite good from a distance but up close its a bit¬†sad and¬†disappointing. ¬† It ¬†lacks a buzz of activity¬†and is occupied largely by an arcade. ¬†Cromer pier definitely wins out of the two.


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